Thursday, May 22, 2008

Polygamists Prove Psychic Powers

Remember Lola's psychic prediction about the Texas FLDS sect whose children were taken by child protective services? Over 400 children were put in protective custody because of an anonymous phone call made by a girl who claimed she was living at the Yearning for Zion ranch and was underage and being abused by her older husband. The girl's identity was never learned and the phone call is now suspected to be a hoax. Nor was any evidence of child abuse ever unearthed.

This week a Texas appeals court ruled the the government had no right to take the children and, in fact, characterized it as an "extreme measure." The ruling is summed up as such:
The appeals court said the state was wrong to consider the entire ranch as an individual household and that the state couldn't take all the children from a community on the notion that some parents in the community might be abusers.

Further, the weak allegation the state was clinging to in order to justify its actions- that underage girls were forced to marry and become pregnant- crumbled under its own investigation:
Of the 31 sect members CPS once said were underage mothers, 15 have been reclassified as adults — one was 27 years old — and an attorney for a 14-year-old girl said in court that she had no children and was not pregnant, as officials previously asserted.

As per my prediction, CPS workers will now hang their heads while the FLDS children return to their community.

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