Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bush Asks Nation to Suck It


When I was a little girl my grandmother would often take me shopping. But having short legs and an even shorter attention span, I would get cranky long before she was ready to quit shopping. So then my grandmother would pull a piece of candy from her purse and give it to me in exchange for me shutting up for a while. The problem with that was I would only shut up for as long as it took me to eat the candy. Then I wanted more candy.

This is what Bush's rebate plan feels like. $600? What exactly is that supposed to accomplish? Is it supposed to pay off the mortgage of the thousands upon thousands of families that are losing their homes to foreclosure?

No, it's just supposed to give you something to suck on for a while.

While talking with Pauline and Jack about this, another penis euphemism was used in regard to this tax rebate:
That's recockulous. I mean, when you want to think of ways to dick over your nation...

And then I thought, maybe we're not the only ones who think this is a giant, lubeless fuck up the ass. Mark Morford at the Chron writes:
It's more like this: You've been continuously mugged and beaten and robbed blind for the past seven years straight, and as you lay there on the cold, hard economic ground, bleeding and gasping and wondering what the hell happened to your vacation time and your health care plan and your mortgage payment, your attackers scoff and leer and toss a couple of bloodstained nickels on your pulverized face and mutter, here sucker, have some bus fare, and then they cackle and stomp away with all your loot and dignity and hope, back to the White House from whence they came.

According to Jack, this is the inevitable result of giving away fake money.


QueenBea said...

You are looking at this all wrong. Do you think that Bush or anyone in the government is interested in helping the individual? They are counting on everyone spending their rebate, thereby boosting the economy

Pleasance said...

Good words.