Friday, July 11, 2008

Useless Cultural Tidbits

More Israeli culture. Firstly, we see here a fusion of product branding and location branding. Builders in Jerusalem and surrounding areas are required to use this type of stone, called appropriately Jerusalem Stone, to keep Jerusalem Jerusalem. But then there's McDonald's, which has its own requirements. The two were somehow able to work it out.


And here we have the ubiquitous wallet-phone-keys combination. This might not seem at first like an exclusive facet of Israeli culture. Lots of people keep these items together. But Israelis love to take these three items out of their pockets and put them on tables. If you're out at a restaurant or cafe in Israel, take a look around. Every table will have at least one wallet-phone-keys combination.


There is something in the Jewish genes that makes it so they can't sit down if any of these items are in their pockets.

No joke.

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