Sunday, July 20, 2008

The U.S. is Confusing

A page refresh of this issue...

First, this:
A U.S. intelligence report released last month, however, concluded Tehran had stopped its nuclear weapons program in late 2003 and had not resumed it since.
And then this:
In a Saturday statement, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said time has come for Tehran to choose between confrontation and meeting Western demands over its enrichment program.

"We hope the Iranian people understand that their leaders need to make a choice between cooperation, which would bring benefits to all, and confrontation, which can only lead to further isolation," said McCormack.
Dude, your rhetoric is as thin as water.

The US government is starting to seem like those "Old West" facades they have at tourist places. When you look around the side of the building, you see that the front is held up by two boards.

Or, in other words, nobody's home.

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