Sunday, July 6, 2008

American Slang Explained by Israeli

What we learn from this is basically:
  • Israel is full of hot chicks
  • Israel is full of smartass guys
We heard there was a tapas bar that served cheese and champagne and sent you outside with it. And that was exactly what we found. Literally, a bar that you can order cheese, meat, and champagne. There are literally 6 stools against the wall. Reason number 826,432,097 why I love Tel Aviv in summer. The land of milk and honey? Shit. The land of cava and champagne!

So we took our NIS67 ($20) bottle of champagne outside to the square and stumbled upon the above gathering. People slowly began to fill up the square and musicians warmed up with the theme from Mario Bros. and Billy Joel's Piano Man on harmonica. And our new friend Amir from Mahzelet was more than happy to explain just what his group does.

By the way, what he means by "no bar will enter us" is "we don't pass selection." Hence, they created an alternative.


Amir said...


u promised to edit the part with the racism!

i'm one of the most liberal people in the world! i have a reputation to look for! if anyone has been offended by this interview - you must understand it was humor! twisted, sick and not politicaly correct, but only humor!!

America, America, fuck yeah!

(the handsom fellow in the vid)

HRH said...

If I edited out the racist comments there wouldn't be anything left in the video.

Besides, Americans love foreign racists because we're not allowed to be racist in our own country.