Saturday, July 12, 2008

IDF Run by Angry 3-year-old


First, there was when the IDF closed a mall in Nablus, along with a girls school and a medical center. Then, I went to Hebron and saw for myself the government-sanctioned segregation and economic strangulation.

Now this. orphanage?? Really?

There's a line somewhere back there. See it? It's so tiny. BECAUSE IT'S SO FAR AWAY.

The Guardian interviewed an aid worker at this orphanage, Rasheed:
"I believe that the soldiers who raided the sewing workshop and threw the equipment in the city dump are not truly Jewish. We in ICS know the difference between Zionism and Judaism.
The rest of the article is worth reading, too. But not very easy on the stomach. The Guardian's Seth Freedman also writes:
Appeals by EU politicians, UN representatives, activists in Israel, and even Israeli judges have all fallen on deaf ears, leaving the residents of Hebron under no illusions about the type of opponent with which they are dealing. If all proper channels of intervention turn out to be culs-de-sac, then it's little wonder that the locals turn to the only groups offering to defend their honour, namely the militants of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
Does nobody have the hindsight to see that this approach does not work? It's not even a matter of right or wrong. They are going to destroy their own country before they kill or expel the last Palestinian.

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