Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spitzer Plunges into Sock Gap


Another man has fallen victim to The Sock Gap. It is unclear as of yet if taking his socks off would have prevented his predicament.

The information we currently have only indicates that Governer Spitzer, it was recently revealed, made use of another prostitute, who tells invest-uh-gators that Spitzer liked to keep his socks on during sex.

Some might argue that The Sock Gap rule should not apply if you're paying for sex because you don't have to worry about what the woman thinks of you, or whether you'll get another date. Not true, my friends. Simply not true. Would you expect good customer service from any service professional after exhibiting poor manners? Would you expect a waitress to bring you free dinner rolls after farting at the table on your last visit? Would you expect a bank teller to speed you through your deposit when she's just watched you wipe your nose and touch the money you're about to hand her?

Wearing only socks during sex is bad bedroom etiquette.

Thanks, Pauline, for sending that in. Pauline says:
I can't believe I'm even reading this...

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Pauline said...

I had complete trust YOU would be able to make something brilliant out of this excreta