Friday, April 4, 2008

"Pregnant Man" Headline Misleading

First of all, I hate that Oprah tries to imply that Thomas ended up transgendered because his mother died right before he hit puberty. And that Thomas is too nervous about being on television to pick up on that. He fell right in.
"So when you were 12 years old, your mom died, and you were left with not a lot of feminine images."

Then there was discussion about puberty and Oprah repeatedly used the phrase "in the wrong body."
"I didn't know about boobs. I was just used to catching footballs!"

Come on dude, you're pregnant. You don't get to pretend to be some All-American male. Also, maybe you should have discussed this whole subject with, I don't know, anyone besides Oprah first.
Oprah: Did you have boyfriends? Did you like girls? Did you get testicle implants? What did they do with your boobies?

OMG! Could this whole thing be any more uncomfortable for anyone involved?

And by the way, has everyone forgotten that this has happened before? Ten years ago, FTM couple Matt Rice and Patrick Califia, made the news for doing just that, here in San Francisco. However, maybe their story wouldn't fit in on Oprah because they weren't simulating a hetero couple. Read about their story here.

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QueenBea said...

I saw part of the interview and very happy I changed the channel before Oprah thought she had to reveal to the world the inner workings of that man's feelings.. What would we do without Oprah? We might have to think for ourselves. I don't know why anyone cares if a person is FTM. Are they jealous that they can't bear children and be a man?