Monday, July 13, 2009

Saudi Arabia Jumps on the Bandwagon


According to this article in Ynet today, Saudi Arabia has announced a plan to build a fence along 5,000 miles of The Kingdom's borders. Five thousand miles. That's 2,000 miles longer than the width of the United States. That's 1,000 miles longer than a trip from Seattle to Bogata would be.

The winning bid for the project was made by European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) and is reported to be worth $3.5 billion.

Those Saudis are like Michael Jackson: they have so much money it has caused them to lose their minds. It's like they heard China did it and thought it might be cool. But when you have that much money, everybody is afraid to talk sense to you. Like, "Um, Your Highness, China built that wall before airplanes and missiles were invented. There's stuff that can go over walls now."

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aliyah06 said...

But China is building a NEW wall between itself and N. Korea to keep fleeing North Koreans out. The Saudis already have a wall keeping Yemen fenced off.