Friday, July 10, 2009

A Look at Life for Orthodox Jews in Israel

No doubt women's rights groups will be scowling at their computer screens when they read this article, on Ynet today.
Renowned Rabbi David Batzri comes up with creative solution for thousands of single women participating in prayer assembly in Jerusalem on 'respectable mating.' Rabbi appeals to women not to put off pregnancy once married, says 'using birth control damages household income'

Have at least 12 children, do not use birth control, and continue having children after 40. This is the formula for overcoming sterility and long-term bachelorhood in the Religious Zionism movement put forth by renowned Rabbi David Batzri.

In a women's assembly in Jerusalem held Thursday in Jerusalem, the rabbi asserted that "a girl who wishes to marry must take upon herself already on the first date an obligation to have no less than 12 children." In addition, he encouraged women to put pressure on one another not to delay pregnancy after getting married and not to wait long in between births.
Oh wait. There's more.
The rabbi claimed that using birth control damages household income. He said, "When you use control methods, you stop abundance. When you see a woman whose youngest child is three, this means that she has been using control methods for three years. Convince her not to do this."

'Don't believe the doctors'

The rabbi also spoke on the issue of abortions. "Doctors are liars," he said. "Don't believe them. They tell you that the fetus is not healthy. This is only to protect themselves from lawsuits. It is forbidden to listen to doctors. Women who have consulted with me and didn't abort their child have the most healthy and righteous children."

Rabbi Batzri added, "Even at the age of 40 and up, it is possible to give birth, and it isn't dangerous."
So basically, quantity is more important than quality, he's saying, and if you endanger your life to produce more children you are doing it in God's service. Or something. I'm paraphrasing.

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aliyah06 said...

Fortunately, only women in this community pay any attention to the nonsense spouted by rabbis...the majority of Israeli women make up their own minds....and if there's a silver lining, its that the dirty little secret in the haredi world is that their kids are bailing out of it. There are shelters for ultra-Orthodox kids who want their own life free of rabbinical control.