Wednesday, August 20, 2008

US Teaches Israel the Art of Fear


Well folks, Blogger is back in English and the internet is fast, which can only mean one thing: I have returned to the US. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop covering the Middle East. Now, I will be doing it from afar. The first event that has caught my interest since my return is when Israel's Counter Terrorism Bureau issued a warning to Israelis traveling abroad. They claim that Hezbollah is planning to abduct Israelis in foreign countries.

Which is pure fear mongering.

The statement does not mention any countries specifically or reveal sources or any specific method of abduction:
The travel advisory issued Wednesday was a general warning, applicable to the entire world, not any specific travel destinations. Israel does not have specific intelligence regarding the location where Hezbollah plans to attack, but the Counter-Terrorism Bureau said that the militant group was constantly preparing to kidnap Israelis.
Although the statement looks like a bunch of useless baloney, it does serve a purpose. Israelis are notorious globetrotters who often travel for long periods of time and, partly because of this, emigration from Israel has always been a problem. This could be one way for the government to try to stop the leak.

Which still means Israel is taking lessons from the US in using fear to manipulate the populace.

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