Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Cult, Another Dead Baby

This AP article talks about a cult that killed a 1 year old baby because it wouldn't say "Amen" before meals. The deets are pretty standard for this kind of situation: a down-and-out young mother winds up hanging out with the wrong crew and gets brainwashed.

But then the article went on to have way WAY more detail than journalists normally find out these days. Usually everybody is pretty tight lipped about these sorts of situations. But not this time. Oh no.
For more than a week, police say in charging documents describing the scene, the child's lifeless body lay in the back room of an apartment. Queen Antoinette, the 40-year-old leader of a group that called itself 1 Mind Ministries, brought in her followers and told them to pray. God, she said, would raise Javon from the dead.

Instead, Javon's body began to decompose.
NO. It began to decompose. That's yer real shocker there, folks. You'd think that would be the end of the story. The body began to decompose and they called the police or some neighbor smelled it or whatever. Oh no.
Meanwhile, after cult members abandoned hope of Javon's resurrection, they switched to Plan B, police say. Antoinette burned Javon's clothing and mattress and put his body in a green suitcase. She stuffed the suitcase with mothballs and fabric softener sheets, and opened it occasionally to spray disinfectant inside.

In early 2007, cult members stored the suitcase behind a home in Philadelphia and relocated to New York City, according to police, who found the suitcase more than a year later, the body still inside.
A green suitcase, don't forget. How did AP get all this information?? These are things only "Queen Antoinette" (note to self: hahahHAHAHAHhahahaha) would know. Did she throw herself at the mercy of the court and spill all? Is her lawyer setting up a crazy defense? You know, trial by media.

Personally I think it was the kid's mom that spilled all. The word "brainwashed" is mentioned three times in the article and the word "cult" is mentioned thirteen times. The article is mostly from the perspective of the 1 year old's grandmother, who supposedly (but somehow no records exist, weird) told the cops about this crazy cult long before her grandson was killed. She lamented about how her daughter is now "an empty shell."


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