Sunday, June 1, 2008

Israel Has Bombs, Synagogues, Girls

Almost a year ago, Israel announced its plan to boost tourism by changing Israel's image from a purveyor of holy relics to a purveyor of sexy girls. This plan was aimed mainly at American tourists. For anyone who's been to Israel, it's no secret the country is filled with beautiful girls. But the media image of Israel--smashed windows, bombs, sirens--has become so well entrenched in the worldwide consciousness that the Israeli Ministry of Tourism knew they would have to come up with an alternate campaign more attractive than bloodshed. And what is the one idea more attractive to Americans than violence? Sex.

The campaign featured female IDF soldiers in bikinis who posed for Maxim magazine and was officially backed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

When the numbers came out in January of this year, the plan proved effective. The second half of 2007 saw more American (and Canadian) visitors ever in the history of Israel.

Personally, I prefer them in their uniforms. You can see girls in bikinis in any country.

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