Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's Envoy Cracks the Case

Obama sent his brand new Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, to the region yesterday to see what he could figure out about this whole Gaza situation, and he came up with a brilliant plan!
President Barack Obama's new Mideast envoy called Wednesday for an end to Hamas weapons smuggling and a reopening of Gaza's borders, seeking to strengthen the shaky cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian militants thrown into turmoil by new violence.
This is a totally original idea, one nobody has ever thought of before. Stopping the missile fire?? Of course. I'm sure Prime Minister Olmert and his cabinet of bone-weary ministers are kicking themselves for not having thought of it themselves. And Hamas must be wondering why they never thought of trying to get the borders reopened.

"Oh, you want the borders opened? Why didn't you just ask!" Israel says to Hamas.

Cracker-Jack start, Mitchell!

Can't wait to see how he plans to make this happen.


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