Sunday, January 6, 2008

DNA Evidence Clears Death Row Inmate

Danny Lee

Ten years ago, my cousin, Danny Lee, was convicted of murder, conspiracy to overthrow the government, and conspiracy to establish a whites-only homeland on U.S. soil. He received the death sentence. Since his conviction, he's been maintaining his innocence from the isolation of his solitary confinement. His only visitor is Sister Dorothy, his "minister of record," pictured above.

Several months ago, he finally got the DNA test that proves the state did not have a case against him. The state's only piece of non-circumstantial evidence was a hair thought to be Danny's. The DNA test proves the hair isn't his. After ten years of confinement, he still may have to wait years more before the government overturns his conviction.

You can read about Danny here, including his self-written profile, his letters, poetry, and some brief information about the case.


Anonymous said...

Hi i wonderd how is danny lee? Thanx.

HRH said...

Um...who are you?

Anonymous said... my names denise! Im from the u.k! Im nt sure if u no about me.i thought i wud ask how dannys doing?sori if this is unexpectd! Hope2hear frm u soon! Denise!

Anonymous said...

Sori i postd the bit where i introduced myself in ur older posts! Ive been writing 2danny lee for yrs now! Hed only bin ther for 2wks,wen i gt my 1st letter.i live in england! Ive bin lookin 4 thngs on the web+i neva cud find mch! Thanx x