Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Simple Iraqi is on to US

I think I've mentioned before the collection of Iraqi blogs I found. There is one in particular that the author blogs often, is older and educated, and shares his political opinions. I will share a paragraph here:

In the previous paragraphs I just wanted to give a quick view to support what I'm going to say, in the last month or let's say in 2 weeks, things have really improved in what used to be called "Hot zones" like Adhamyia, Alamria and Aljamiaa after more than a year and a half while other areas are the same, the situation improved in less than two weeks??! While no one even dreamed that it can improve! How could that be? If it's that simple why didn't they do it long time ago? It wasn't that hard, just big cash to give and that's it.
They didn't do it because it wasn't the right time. I'm not Nostradamus to know why now, but I think it is related to the US elections, it is so related to the US economy that is greatly affected by this war, it's time to begin with the projects in Iraq that will bring the US economy unlimited benefits but needs stable security situations at the same time,

Note to self: I don't think periods exist in Arabic.

Hmmmmmm....security improvement in Iraq could be related to US elections?????


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