Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gay Kids Attacked in Tel Aviv

I am astounded to read this piece of news. A masked gunman walked into a gay youth center in Tel Aviv and opened fire, killing two and wounding 15. This is particularly shocking because Tel Aviv is considered "the gay capital of the Middle East" and for good reason. There is a large and thriving gay community there, with gay pride held every June with no problems. Protesters strongly oppose a gay pride march and festival in Jerusalem, due to the higher number of religious residents there, but the Tel Aviv festival has not had such opposition from the right. In fact, in December of last year, Israel was one of the 66 countries that signed the UN's declaration decriminalizing homosexuality. The document recognized the human rights of gays.

What is also interesting about this piece of news is that the word "terrorist" was not used. If a Palestinian gunman had done the damage, or was suspected of having done it, reporters wouldn't call him a "gunman," they would call him an "armed terrorist." Even when acting alone, such as last summer's "bulldozer terrorist" did, Palestinians who hurt Israelis are almost always referred to as terrorists. But far-right Israelis, even when hurting unarmed civilians for a political aim, are not called terrorists. Another article about the same incident said, "Israel Police said that the incident at the club on Nahmani Street did not have a terror motive." Really? Opening fire on kids at a community center did not have a terror motive?

Because one can't be a terrorist without first being an Arab. At least in Israel.


aliyah06 said...

A bit unfair. Maybe newspapers have to be careful (as in the MSM always referring to people who blow up other people as "militants") but here in Israel "terrorist" is one of the tamer things I've heard this douchebag called.....and no one thinks he's an Arab.

Anonymous said...

Why do you assume that the killer was a "far-right" Israeli? how can you be outraged about the so-called media bias with respect to arabs, yet it is clear you share a bias, when you place blame for this attack on the political "right" in Israel? what basis do you have to arrive at this conclusion?
you are a child, and a pseudo-intellectual. grow up and open your eyes