Friday, June 12, 2009

God vs. Parking Tickets

There's been some controversy in J'lem of late about the parking lot in Safra Square (basically City Hall), and whether it should stay open on Saturdays. The large Orthodox community in Jerusalem is careful to remind government officials and other residents when they overstep the bounds of Jewish law- businesses are to be closed on Shabbat, no exceptions. The Orthodox leaders also feel Jews should not be driving at all on Saturday, in any case.

However, Jerusalem's secular residents feel differently and declare Mayor Nir Barkat will feel the pain next election if he caves to the ultra-Orthodox residents of the city. Barkat had previously opened the lot for use on Saturdays but Orthodox residents rioted in response and he agreed to close it for the next two Saturdays while he explored alternative solutions to Jerusalem's parking problem.

Ynet says:
"If Barkat gives in and the parking lots are closed even once on Shabbat, this will convey a message to everyone that those who act violently win," said Nir Pereg of the "forum of organizations for a free Jerusalem".

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